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Rofin Integral Laser Welder/Macro Marker

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The Rofin Integral features an integrated user concept CNC control and with full technical innovations. Its XY table moves workpieces with a maximum weight of 500 kg quickly and very precisely. The working chamber provides space for objects with an edge length of up to 500 mm.cubed. The optical system which can be swivelled around 2-Axes, allowing processing of perpendicular surfaces, undercuts or deep grooves without turning or tilting the workpiece. Additionally this machuine is supply woth a removable rotary table.
Max Laser Power: 200W
Max Laser Energy: 100J
Wave Length 1064nm
Medium: ND YAG
Recently serviced by Rofin UK, this machine can only be described as being immaculate!
In excess of £75,000 + VAT new...this machine can be bought direclt from site for £24,500 + VAT

Category: Welding and Cutting Machinery

Seller's location: Bristol, UK
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The seller confirmed the item was still for sale on: 12 Feb 2021

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