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Machine OEM: Buderous Schleiftechnik.DVS-Gruppe
OEM Machine Identification Number: TBA
Application/Component Type: CNC Machining of Conrod
Year of Manufacture: 2008
Material machined: Steel forging
Machine function: Facing/Boring
Process Operation: Machine Conrod Bores and faces
Location: Birmingham United Kingdom
Technical and Mechanical Parameters
Work piece Diameter: 100mm
Work piece Length: 200mm
Swing Diameter: 300mm
Above ground: 1140
Work piece Spindle Programmable: 0-500 U/min
Z1/Z2 Axis: 280mm
X1 Axis: 885mm
X2 Axis: 885mm
Table Variable Speed
Z1 / Z2 Axis: 0 – 15 m/min
X1 / X2 Axis: 0 – 60 m/min
Plunge Variable Speed: 0,01 – 15 mm/min
Delivery Hub: 0,0005 – 0,1mm
Through Hole of work piece Spindle: 45 mm
Work Piece Spindle Positioning: C-Axis
Operating Voltage: 3-400 VAC/50 Hz
Control: SINUMERIK 840 D
Load: ca. 45 kW
Air Connection: 5 M3/h
Machine Weight: Approximately10 Tonnes

Included but not limited to supplied with each Buderous CNC Machine is as follows;
• OEM set up and Programming Software
• OEM Installation manuals
• OEM Setting and Operating manuals
• OEM Maintenance manuals
• OEM machine Mechanical Drawing
• OEM machine Electrical drawings
• OEM Hydraulic drawings (where applicable)
• OEM Pneumatic drawings (where applicable)
• OEM Machine Foundation layouts
• Full Buderous Technical manuals (all aspects of the machine)

Category: Machining centres

Location: UK
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