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Calibrator load bank for 600 AC/DC or 1000 amps for Validation and Calibration of Welding Machines
Wire Speed Option
Additional Load Bank for up to 1000 amps
New units made in Britain comes with traceable Calibration Certificate plus CE declaration of conformity
This unit is fitted with calibrated meters, adjustable load settings and a fine tune load setting
Use of the different loads combined with the fine tune enables virtually every possible parameter to be achieved up to 600A
The different loads are easily selected using small panel switches which switch heavy duty contactors
This calibrator is designed to be easy to wheel around workshops and into vehicles
Max current 600A (AC & DC) Additional Load Bank for up to 1000 amps
Voltage range 0-99.9V. BS EN 50504 2008 working standard
Load switches, 7 + fine tune circuit
Display, LED with true RMS readings
Accuracy +/- 0.5% + 1 digit
Power supply 110/230V 300VA
Approx size 760 x 440 x 300mm @ 42kg weight
Supplied c/w leads & calibration certificate ready to go, option for wire speed and additional load bank for up to 1000 amps
If you want to guarantee that the quality of your welding equipment is up to scratch in the long term, you’ll need to calibrate them on a regular basis
For companies working with welding technology, it is essential that systems deliver consistent welding results without fail throughout their service life.

Category: Welding and Cutting Machinery

Seller's location: Leicestershire, UK
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