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2005 DMG DMC 80 FD

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5-axis Universal Machining Centre

Siemens Sinumerik 840 D Powerline 3-D
Table size ø 800 x 630 mm
Max table load 800 kg
X/Y/Z Axis 800/800/800 mm
C-axis NC rotary table 360 x 0.001°, Max speed 800 rpm
B-axis ±210°
Spindle speeds ~ 12000 rpm
Spindke power 29/19 kW
ATC 60
Tool taper HSK 63
Through spindle coolant 40 bar - 23 l/min
Coolant tank capacity 980 l
Direct measuring system
Multi-jet unit on the universal head, switchable from coolant to air (max 6 bar) 6 coolant nozzles, 4
air nozzles
Shower cooling Pump capacity: 40l / min at 1.5 bar (theoretical pump capacity)
Paper band filter
Full protection cabin
Tool measurement in working space, horizontal and vertical,
Blum Laser in protected enclosure
Infrared measuring probe Heidenhain TS641 for workpiece measurement
Signal lamp four-color
Flush gun 1bar 40l / min
Minimal quantity lubrication through the spindle, switchable via M-function
Air cooling through the spindle
Electronic handwheel

Category: Machining centres

Seller's location: Surrey, UK
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The seller confirmed the item was still for sale on: 12 Mar 2019

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