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Manufacturer BOST (NILES)
Model DP1
Type Facing lathe
Technical features
Swing diameter 3.200mm (Can be extended with pit)
Centre height 1.600mm
Chuck: 4 independent jaws 2.000mm
Main motor power 74kw
Speeds 200rpm

Left carriage CNC Fagor 8055 (independent)
1 longitudinal carriage 1.000 mm
1 transversal carriage 700mm

Right carriage CNC Fagor 8055 (independent)
1 longitudinal carriage 1.000 mm
1 transversal carriage 700mm

Chip conveyor
Automatic turret, 4 positions
Moveable tailstock
Floor plate available
This facing lathe has a separate head controlled by the CNC with a 2 meter chuck of 4 independent jaws. This head can be placed on the ground and a pit can be made to increase the turning capacity.
This lathe has 2 carriages, left and right, controlled by 2 interconnected Fagor 8055 CNCs, which allows 2 turning operations to be carried out simultaneously and reduce machining times. If necessary, the two Fagor 8055 could be replaced by a multi-channel Fagor 8065 that would simplify programming and improve use.

If one of the carriages is not necessary, it can be used in another machine.
The tailstock is movable and can be adjusted either in a fixed way or on a floor plate not included.
The lathe is working and can be tested.

Category: Lathes - CNC

Seller's location: SPAIN
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The seller confirmed the item was still for sale on: 26 Feb 2020

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