New Since Nitrogen Generators

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New Since Nitrogen Generators
•On-site nitrogen generators for Fibre laser machines
On-site compact nitrogen generator

Lower cost… eliminated the need for costly gas cylinders and storage tank

Complete skid with air compressor, filters, generator, booster etc

Compact-frees up valuable floor space

Eliminates unexpected shutdowns due to a bad or empty cylinder

Hassle-free, easy to install, easy to operate

Safe and reliable

How it works

We take air as raw material and utilize the carbon molecular sieve (CMS) as absorbent. CMS absorption of oxygen in air is much larger than its absorption of nitrogen under certain pressure, thus through programmed on and off process of the automatic pneumatic valves, tower A and B will work alternate to achieve pressurized adsorption and depressurize desorption, complete the separation of Oxygen and Nitrogen and produce the required purity of Nitrogen.

Proven technology

SINCE GAS nitrogen generator produce up to 99.999% pure, dew point to -50? from nearly any compressed air supply and via booster up pressure to

30 bar (maximum). The generators are designed to continually transform standard compressed air into nitrogen at safe, regulated pressures without operator attention.

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Category: Air and Gas Compressors

Seller's location: Shropshire, UK
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