Everising H-700HA Twin Column Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw - Year 2017

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Capacity 700mm dia. 800mm x 700mm. Minimum clamping width 285mm. Blade speed 15 to 75m/min (inverter). Blade drive 7.5 kW. Hydraulic Pump 2.2 kW. Coolant Pump 0.2 kW. Blade Size 8000mm x 54mm x 1.6mm. Hydraulic Blade Tensioning. Controllable length500mm by NC Control. Machine Dimensions 4100mm x 2300mm. Weight 7000 kgs.

Features: NC Control for cut length and number of pieces. Colour touch screen control with 20 programs. PLC for all cutting functions. Hydraulic centreless swarf conveyor. Variable blade speed with inverter & digital display. Dual clamping for nib free cutting. Hydraulic blade tensioning & blade guides. Floating shuttle vice system (500mm maximum stroke). Material height detector with rapid approach. Automatic chip conveyor.

Category: Sawing - metal

Seller's location: Lancs, UK
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The seller confirmed the item was still for sale on: 13 May 2020

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