Matec 30HVS 7 axis CNC Machining Center

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- Year manufactured 12/2008
- Control – Bosch Rexroth 7axes
- Travels: X – 3000 mm Y – 600 mm, Z – 800 mm(horizontal), Z – 700 mm (vertical)
- Rapids in X/Y/Z – 48 m/min
- 1-axis NC swivel head, swivelling - +/- 105 degrees
- Direct measuring system - +/- 3 arcseconds
- Either continuously or adjustable with clampMax. tangent torque 4200 Nm clamped
- Motor spindle 8 000 1/min
- Torque 216 Nm (40% DC), 153 Nm (100% DC)
- Tool places 128
- Machine Spindle HSK 63A
- 1 NC rotary table with direct drive, design for turning and positioning, holding plate Ø 630 mm with T grooves installation position – Holding plate horizontal Center alignment Ø 60 mm Speed max. 80 1/min Power: 40% DC 5 kW, 100% DC 2,5 kW Torque: 40% DC 600 Nm, 100% DC 270 Nm, Transport load (depending on the speed) max. 1150 kg, incl. direct measuring system and axis controller Fixed rotary table (RT1)Outlet 117 mm usable1 NC rotary table RW/NC-160/250 Holding plate vertical/horizontal Holding plate diameter 250 mm Height of centers – standard 160 mm
- 1 saw unit Construction on the X axis of the machine. The saw unit is coupled with the X axis carriage. Feed axis CNC controlled Saw blade diameter 460 mm Saw blade holder over ABS Quick change system, cooling with emulsion
- 1 Bar feeders for profiles and round materials consisting of: - Load magazine for 5 bars Bars lenght max. 3000 mm Bars size diameter 120 mm and any rectangular dimensions that fit in an envelope circle 120 mm, but the smallest measure: 10 x 60 mm - Automatic alignment station for centering the parts (fast electronic upgrade path) - Bar feed unit - Incl. profibus interface for communication with the machine
- 2-jaw power chuck operated hydraulically, adjustable clamping pressure via proportional valve Version without baking, 1 set chuck jaw
- 1 internal coolant supply (paper band filter) 70 Bar Equipment of the machine for use of tools (DIN 69871) with internal coolant supply through the spindle and the tool. Paper band filter device – fineness 30 my Second coolant supply – High pressure pump 20 bar Tank capacity paper filter unit 900 liter

Category: Machining centres

Seller's location: Poland
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