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Faccin Plate Rolls - Ex Stock Delivery

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• 3,050 x 40mm capacity 3-Roll Model HAV-3145.
• 3,050 x 32mm capacity 4-Roll Model 4HEP-3141.
• 3,050 x 20mm capacity 3-Roll Model 3HEP-3135.
• 3,050 x 15mm capacity 3-Roll Model 3HEP-3128.
• 3,050 x 12mm capacity 4-Roll Model 4HEL-3128.
• 2,050 x 12mm capacity 4-Roll Model 4HEL-2122.
• 2,050 x 5mm capacity 3-Roll Model ASI-2015. IP

Category: Sheet metal-working

Seller's location: Derbyshire, UK
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The seller confirmed the item was still for sale on: 21 Jul 2020

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