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Model: LP 100/40/10 T
Machine number: 913819
Production year: 1998
Control: Siemens ES 2000

100 ton production press with counterweigh.

Well kept machine - can be seen in our warehouse.

Technical sata:
Compressive power, steplessly adjustable from 10% of max. up to: 1000 kN v.320 bar
Press cylinder, stroke lenght: 400 mm
Tipping speed, down: max. 10 mm/sek
Piston speed, rapid: 410 mm/sek
Piston speed, low pressure: 68 mm/sek
Piston speed, high pressure: 18 mm/sek
Piston speed, return: 354 mm/sek
Piston diameter: 180/80

Blank holder, steplessly adjustable from 10% of max. up to: 400 kN v.326 bar
Tackle cylinder, stroke lenght: 180 mm
Tipping speed, up: max. 10 mm/sek
Piston speed, up: max. 153 mm/sek
Piston speed, down: max. 132 mm/sek
Piston diameter: 125 mm
Rod diameter: 85 mm

Insert height max.: 610 mm
Insert width (LP): 1200 mm
Discharge (TE) mm
Machine height incl machine feet: 1040 mm
Weight: ca 8000 kg

Pump capacity, low pressure: 87 l/min
Pump capacity, high pressure: 34 l/min
Motor: 18,5 kW, 1450 o/min
Oil quantity: ca 625 l

Supply voltage: 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz + PE
Max. insurance: 80 A gL
Rated power: 30 kW
Current: 58 A

Stop time, 2-hand operation: 75 millisek
Stop time, light curtain: 71 millisek
Saftey distance, 2-hand operation: 120 mm
Saftey distance, light curtain: 142 mm

Category: Presses - hydraulic

Seller's location: Denmark
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The seller confirmed the item was still for sale on: 3 Aug 2020

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