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ENGEL V-Duo 2300 Injection Moulding Machine

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This ENGEL V-Duo 2300 Injection Moulding Machine was manufactured in Austria in the year 2013. It has been working for only 1600 hours. It is equipped with a control unit of the same brand. This powerful machine incorporates a clamping force of 23000 kN. This machine comes without injection unit. During the past the machine was used for prototyping for deforming of hard mat. The vertical version of the large-scale duo machine also features a compact design with low height and weight. This ENGEL v-duo facilitates new lightweight composite process.[Ref: DE-INJ-ENG-2013-00002]

Category: Plastics Plant

Seller's location: Germany
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The seller confirmed the item was still for sale on: 9 Apr 2021

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